Having enjoyed success with eye-catching campaigns featuring partnerships with athlete ambassadors and film franchises airing during the Super Bowl and other global entertainment events, Wix chose a long-term partnership with Manchester City to harness the power of the global game.


Focused on unlocking new audiences as well as increasing engagement with existing users, Wix recognised that a partnership with Manchester City could help the brand achieve its objectives in key strategic markets and worldwide.

"Working with a globally recognised football club such as Manchester City is part of our overall strategy to use the power of sport to reach worldwide audiences with our brand. The partnership with Manchester City is a natural one as we share values and vision, and we’re confident it will boost the Wix brand amongst the massive Manchester City fan base."

Omer Shai

Wix.com Chief Marketing Officer

From the outset, the partnership has been grounded in a shared ambition to be the most innovative and creative in their fields. By creating compelling multi-channel content, Manchester City is helping Wix increase brand awareness, drive engagement and sign-ups and notable campaign and content co-creation has included:

  • Eye-catching TV campaigns featuring Manchester City players building Wix websites.

  • This City is Ours online campaign celebrating City fans, promoted on a global stage using Wix’s technology.

  • Developing and launching Sergio Aguero’s stunning new website.

  • And offering money can’t buy experiences and offering adverts featuring Manchester City players promoting businesses that run on the Wix platform.

Wix and Manchester City continue to work together to capture the attention of individual fans and businesses who can benefit from the creation of their own stunning website for free.

The Partnership